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Laux Law Group represents the family of Eugene Ellison

Ellison v. City of Little Rock, et al., 4:11 CV 752

Little Rock, Arkansas. On December 9, 2010, two off-duty City of Little Rock police officers, working security detail for an apartment complex, entered the home of 67-year-old Vietnam veteran, Eugene Ellison, with no constitutional or legal basis to do so. No crime had been committed or reported, and Mr. Ellison was bothering absolutely no one. Once inside, the off-duty officers initiated physical contact with Mr. Ellison and repeatedly struck him with their police batons and fists. Ultimately, after back-up had arrived and the struggle was long over, one of the off-duty officers inexplicably fired her gun at Mr. Ellison, killing him. Mike has filed suit in the Eastern District of Arkansas federal court alleging illegal, warrantless entry, excessive force and other constitutional violations against the City of Little Rock and these officers.

Victory for the Ellison Family. Landmark settlement with the City of Little Rock.

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